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MIS Degree Program

The City College MIS program is primarily intended for working professionals with background in engineering or science who wish to develop their careers in information management. Leveraging its position in the Grove School of Engineering, the MIS program teaches concepts of business software and systems management, economics and finance, and quantitative management skills.

The program is offered in the evening, and is designed so that students with full-time employment can complete it in less than two years. It presents an affordable package featuring state of the art coursework in business-critical areas, culminating in an intensive independent project in the final semester. The project area is in an area of specialization of interest to the student, chosen in consultation with the program faculty. Initial choices include Medical Informatics, Business Process Engineering and Financial Computing.

Why is City College’s MIS program Unique?

Our MIS program provides great learning opportunities for the city’s professionals with a background primarily in science or engineering who take responsibility for the next generation of business information technology. This two-year degree program has been carefully tailored to best further the interests of its professional participants.

City College is one of the nation’s leading producers of engineering graduates and medical students from racial and ethnic minorities. The participants in this interdisciplinary degree program have access to all the academic resources available in City College rather than to just those within a department.

The MIS curriculum will proceed with a cohort of students who work together and build teamwork skills throughout the entire program. The program consists of a fixed sequence of required courses followed by an independent project. This is designed to promote not only a wide variety of intellectual and social activities as the program runs, but also the development of career-long professional relationships among those who successfully graduate.

Situated on a 36-acre campus in northern Manhattan, distinguished by some of the country’s earliest and still most beautiful university Gothic architecture, the MIS program at City College provides students access to one of the most powerful avenues to the American Dream available today.

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