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MIS Research Lab

MIS lab view

NAC 7/105 MIS Research Lab

A research lab for the MIS program is located in NAC 7/105, a bright room with large opening windows. Computing facilities include high-end workstations being installed with up-to-date software systems and printing equipment.

The MIS lab is regularly open until 9:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 5:00 PM on Friday. The lab workstations are also capable of 24 hour remote accesses. The presence of a lab assistant during all official lab hours may help resolve you problem immediately on site.

The MIS student may also utilize other labs maintained by the Computer Science department. The NAC Cohen library open to CCNY students has a full-scale Mac environment that suits your personal use of Mac-genuine software systems.

Japanese Translation of Virtual Organization

A previously unpublished Japanese translation of my book, Virtual Organization has been made available on The translation can be downloaded in individual chapters as PDF files or in its entirety as a single ZIP file. Thanks to Akira Kawaguchi for this translation!

Fall 2009

Course ID Course Name Code# Prerequisite Day & Time Room Instructor
MIS G1010 Statistics and Decision Making N/A Monday 18:50 NAC 4/148 Prof. Mowshowitz
MIS G2010 OOD and Software Engineering N/A Tuesday 18:50 NAC 4/205 Prof. Kawaguchi

† Each class lasts two and a half hours.

MIS G5020: Project in Information Systems Management

Course ID: MIS G5020
Course Name: Project in Information Systems Management
The project will focus on real-world systems in the chosen area of specialization. Students will be required to gain hands-on experience with a major computer-based information system, and to prepare a report based on their experience detailing the features, applications and limitations of the system.

Term: Spring
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: MIS G5010

MIS G5010: Seminar in Information Systems Management

Course ID: MIS G5010
Course Name: Seminar in Information Systems Management
Presents an in-depth look at an area of specialization such as medical informatics, financial computing, or business process engineering. Lectures and class discussion will be coordinated with and support the project course (MIS G5020) taken at the same time.

Term: Spring
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: MIS G5020

MIS G4010: System Analysis and Design

Course ID: MIS G4010
Course Name: System Analysis and Design
The objective of this course is to introduce methods to efficiently organize and manage software projects. This course could be considered as an advanced software engineering class; tools used will include Rhapsody (i_logix) and Rational (IBM). Topics to be covered include:

  • software development life cycle
  • specification
  • analysis
  • design
  • implementation and testing
  • modular top-down analysis
  • design and testing
  • CASE tools for system analysis and design
  • data modeling and processing modeling tools (data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams)
  • traditional and prototyping approaches
  • design and development of relational database systems
  • I/O design, input validation and user interface design (GUI)
  • project management tools and source code control systems (SCCS)
  • required communication skills for the systems analyst
  • fact finding and interviewing techniques

Term: Fall
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

MIS G3030: Organization and Management

Course ID: MIS G3030
Course Name: Organization and Management
Students learn about how organizations function and how they relate to the environment in which they operate. Topics covered range from formal systems, tasks, and authority relationships to organizational culture and inter-organizational relationships. Students are introduced to a variety of perspectives in organizational analysis, as well as challenges posed by organization design and change.

Term: Fall
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

MIS G3020: Developing Management Skills

Course ID: MIS G3020
Course Name: Developing Management Skills
Aimed at preparing students for future management and leadership positions, this class focuses on developing the personal skills that are needed when working with other individuals and teams in modern organizations. Topics include:

  • problem solving
  • stress management
  • managing and motivating others
  • coaching and counseling
  • managing conflict
  • leading change

Students are provided with a solid background in fundamentals. They are also introduced to the assessment tools, tests, and exercises that help gauge their personal development in each area.

Term: Summer
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

MIS G3010: General Economics and Finance

Course ID: MIS G3010
Course Name: General Economics and Finance
Provides an advanced introduction to economics and finance. The major focus is on forces determining product and factor prices and quantities under alternative market structures. Particular attention given to financial market prices, portfolio analysis, measuring and pricing of risk. The influence of macroeconomic determinants on financial markets is also covered.

Term: Spring
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

MIS G2030: Networking and Security

Course ID: MIS G2030
Course Name: Networking and Security
This course provides an overview of security issues in computer networks. Basic concepts of computer security will be introduced and illustrated by means of case studies. Topics to be covered include: risk analysis and security planning; access controls; program security in relation to malicious code such as Trojan horses, viruses, and worms; security policies and models; trusted systems and the TCSEC (Orange Book); cryptography and hashing; encryption-based protocols; authentication/PKI and network security.

Term: Summer
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

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