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MIS G5040: Master’s Thesis

Course ID: MIS G5040
Course Name:Master’s Thesis
The thesis is a substitution of MIS G5020 Project in Information Systems Management for students in advanced standing. This course can only be registered with a permission given by the program director and program board members.

Term: Student choice
Credits: 6.0
Pre/Co-requisite: MIS G5010

MIS G5030: Extended Project I

Course ID: MIS G5030
Course Name:Extended Project I
First of two courses providing an extended project option allowing students to complete a 6 credit project over two semesters. This option can be selected in lieu of MIS G5020 Project in Information Systems Management and one required course (other than MIS G5010). Department approval required.

Term: Student choice
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: MIS G5010

2009 Open Day

MIS Open Day 2009

2009 MIS Open Day

Thanks so much for joining our first event of MIS Program Open Day. The powerpoint slide is now available for your download here (1.8MB PPT). We like to keep collecting your intent of program participation. Please submit registration form to help us better serving MIS program admissions.

MIS Brochure In Press

The first edition of MISprogram brochure is in press now. This two-page document is to give you a digest view of the MIS program, explaining how the program is instrumental in your professional training and career upgrade. Download a reduced-resolution version (PDF 386KB) for your review!

Printed brochure can be obtained at the CCNY’s Office of Admissions and Computer Science Department.

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