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2015 Open Day


Come and join our annual event of MIS Program Open Day scheduled early evening in March 30th. This event will be held at the room NAC8/207 (Computer Science Conference Room), hosted by the program administrator and students in the program. Refreshment will be served. Please submit registration form to help us better serving MIS program admissions.

Spring 2015 Seminar course invite you!


The objective MIS Seminar Course is to familiarize you with contemporary challenges in information systems management. A diverse group of practitioners and experts from industry and academia will present their own views of issues and problems.
All of you are expected to listen attentively, think critically, and pose constructive questions about the presentations.

You are expected to attend all the sessions, and to prepare a critical summary of each lecture, using the form provided the instructor. No more than one absence will be allowed. The summaries of lecture are to be handed in before the subsequent lecture. In addition, there is a project requirement: you are expected to choose a topic related to a class presentation, prepare a research paper of at least ten pages on that topic, and make a brief report to the class. The paper is to include a survey of literature and, if appropriate, a discussion of interview findings. This project assignment will be discussed in more detail in the first class session.

Seminar Schedule

2/2 (Mo) Prof. Abbe Mowshowitz, CCNY CS Dept. Microeconomics of Information
2/9 (Mo) Ariful H. Mondal, Analyst, MIS Division, NYPD Information Technology, Domain Awareness and Crime Prevention
2/18 (We) Prof. Maria Binz-Scharf, CCNY Economics Dept. The Co-Evolution of Knowledge and IT Networks in Inter-Organizational Change Projects
2/23 (Mo) Dr. Julia Stoyanovich, The College of Computing & Informatics, Drexel University From Big data to big knowledge: semantic technologies for research and reporting
3/2 (Mo) Kurt Brown, Software Engineer at Pixafy Software Project Lifecycle
3/9 (Mo) Prof. Stephen Lucci, CCNY CS Dept. Applications of Artificial Intelligence
3/16 (Mo) TBA
3/23 (Mo) Gregory Soto, NYC Dept. of IT & Tech. Open Data Near You
3/30 (Mo) Cathy Garfinkel, Allscripts Health Care IT–Perioperative Systems Implementation
4/13 (Mo) Tony Hon, IBM Global Services Data center infrastructure challenges
4/20 (Mo) Dr. James Doyle, IBM 2015 Global Technology Outlook
4/27 (Mo) Prof. Akira Kawaguchi, CCNY CS Dept., Chair Query Optimization in Modern Distributed Databases
5/4 (Mo) Prof. Abbe Mowshowitz, CCNY CS Dept. Student Reports - Presentation
5/11 (Mo) Prof. Abbe Mowshowitz, CCNY CS Dept. Student Reports - Presentation

Title is tentative and finalized before the presentation.

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