MIS G2010: OOD and Software Engineering

Course ID: MIS G2010
Course Name: OOD and Software Engineering
This course provides an introduction to the software engineering discipline and the roles within it. Students will learn how each phase of the life cycle contributes to a product that satisfies user/client requirements. The following issues will be addressed:

  1. Delivering high-quality, maintainable software projects on time and within budget
  2. Selecting an appropriate software development life cycle model for a project
  3. Applying appropriate requirements, analysis, design and testing methodologies
  4. Identifying and assessing language, database, software architecture and quality issues
  5. Exploiting verification and validation activities throughout the life cycle
  6. Employing techniques that help achieve SEI CMMI and IEEE 9000 goals
  7. Enhancing the impact of CASE tools, formal methods and Web engineering techniques

Students will apply software engineering techniques in homework assignments and mini-projects throughout the course. The objective of the laboratory portion of the course is to expose students to commonly used tools for software engineering. Students will have opportunities to develop and/or improve their technical writing and software development skills during the course of the term, with particular emphasis placed on analysis and design.

Term: Fall
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

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