Degree Requirements

Core and Elective Content

The degree consists of an eight course core in the first four terms and two electives in the last term, for a total of 30 credits of academic work. The courses span computer science, economics, and psychology, and must be taken in a fixed sequence over the consecutive five semesters. The degree is designed to be completed by working students attending evening classes for four semesters and one summer. Graduation requires a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Term Semester Course ID Course Name Faculty
Fall First year orientation Program Director
MIS G1010 Statistics and Decision Making Computer Science
MIS G2010 OOD and Software Engineering Computer Science
Spring MIS G3010 General Economics and Finance Economics
MIS G2020 Database Management Computer Science
Summer MIS G3020 Developing Management Skills Psychology
MIS G2030 Networking and Security Computer Science
Fall Second year orientation Program Director
MIS G3030 Organization and Management Psychology
MIS G4010 System Analysis and Design Computer Science
Spring MIS G5010 Seminar in Information Systems Management
MIS G5020 Project in Information Systems Management

† Orientation is offered before the first class of Fall semester



Each student needs to choose a specialization for the seminar and project courses in the last semester. Currently these are:

  • Medical Informatics
  • Financial Computing
  • Business Process Engineering

Please refer to our Specializations page for more detailed information.


Each student needs to complete a semester-long independent project in their chosen area of specialization. The theme of the project is determined with a project supervisor who guides the progress of work and evaluates overall achievement.

For more detailed information, go to Projects.

Extended Project and Thesis Options

Students entering the MIS program with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science showing a record of high achievement will be allowed to register for MIS G5030 Extended Project (6.0 credits) or MIS G5040 Master’s Thesis (6.0 credits) instead of MIS G5020 Project in Information Systems Management and one of the following three courses:

Permission to make this substitution is subject to College approval.

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