Program Admissions



Students entering the program are expected to have a technical or scientific bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Specifically, a B.A. or B.S. degree in science or a B.S. or B.E. degree in engineering with a minimum GPA of 3.0 is essential for admission. Provision is made for students with a strong background in an area related to Computer Science. Standardized test scores are not required in an application. At this time the program is unable to accept international applicants who are required by law to register for more than two courses per semester.

Admission to the program is for the Fall term only, and limited to 35 students. Selection is made through the careful evaluation of the academic background and work experience of each applicant.

Students must attend and pass all the required courses and project work spread over five consecutive semesters including one summer term. Graduation requires continuous effort for lecture attendance and project engagement for the maximum period of two years. Lectures will be offered two days a week during the first four terms. The project in the fifth term may be scheduled more flexibly.

Students with strong preparation in computer science may be offered, on a case by case basis, the option of completing an extended project or a masters thesis.


A long-term commitment to undertake the program of study is extremely important as the courses are not offered every semester. Postponing or repeating course will greatly hinder graduation. Courses are offered weekday evenings to accommodate students who are working. Adjusting work time to meet regular course schedule is essential to enroll the program and is the responsibility of the student.

Some of the common questions pertaining to admission criteria may be found in our FAQ on this web site. Feel free to also contact us to correspond with the program director for further questions.

The MIS program office will hold an Open Day to answer all the questions from potential applications and provide admissions counseling in person. Applications via online filing must arrive by May 1st for Fall admissions. Acceptance to the program will be notified individually by May 15th. Extension of deadline, granted by school, will be announced here immediately.

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