Admission to the Program

What undergraduate degree is required for admission?

A Bachelor’s degree in some field of science or engineering is expected. Both academic achievement and career experience are carefully reviewed for applicants without a strong technical background. Recently MIS admissions committee has been examining math achievement closely, such as calculus I, II, and III, generally required for the completion of technical degrees.

Is experience in the IT field, even without a technical undergraduate background, taken into account for admission?

Yes, work experience such as development and deployment of enterprise software systems as a system designer, system developer, technical coordinator, or technical writer, would provide a strong candidacy to the program. A proven evidence of mathematical abilities will certainly yield a better chance of your acceptance.

Am I qualified for admission if I do not have a technical degree but hold several certificates in the IT field?

Yes, certificates in the technical fields related to your work experience, such as programming languages, system administration, database management, networking, systems engineering, and security, would help your admission to the program. Finishing the sequence of calculus I, II, and III is strongly suggested prior to your action.

Is the GRE score required?

No, admission does not consider standardized test scores.

Is there minimum GPA for admission?

Yes, 3.0.

I am a foreign student. Can I apply

No. At this time, the MIS program is not able to entertain applications from applicants who require a F-1 visa to student at City College.

I am a foreign student currently enrolled in another full-time academic program. Can I apply?


Yes, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain full-time student status according to the conditions of your visa for the entire period of your MIS program enrollment. The current prescribed course load for the program is 6 credits per semester. Arrangement of additional course work can be made to meet the full-time status at CCNY.

I am holding a temporary worker visa for more than one year in New York State. Can I apply the program and do I qualify for in-state tuition if admitted? How about my spouse or dependent?

For instance, if you hold an H-1 visa, you can apply MIS program and enroll courses with in-state tuition. There are many requirements regarding visa issues that cannot be generalized. Please contact admissions office at first to clarify your specific visa conditions to apply and enroll MIS program.

Do you have any more information I can quickly review for my application process?

Yes, visit graduate admission FAQ.

I am enrolled in the CCNY’s Masters degree in CS program. Can I switch to MIS program without formal application process?

No. MIS program and CS program are different. MIS admission is for MIS applicant only.

How is the application for admission handled?

After basic screening, applicants are rated based on letters of recommendation and personal statements (high importance), research and work experience (high importance), academic achievements (medium importance), and extracurricular activities (low importance).

When will I find out whether I have been accepted?

All decisions are notified by the Graduate Admission Office no later than two weeks after the application deadline. Questions can be answered by writing at or by calling at 212-650-6977.

What can I learn by attending the open day?

Answers to your questions, program director’s vision of the program, school’s atmosphere, and personal touch with your future classmates. Also, you can speak with a few of currently enrolled students during the session.

What is required in order to apply? When is the deadline?

1. completed application, 2. supporting documents (personal statements, two letters of recommendation, and official transcripts), and 3. application fee of $125. Deadline is May 1st. More information is available at the Office of Graduate Admissions.

I am not a good programmer and I am not good at mathematics. Can I apply?

Yes. Abilities in programming and mathematical thinking are essential when developing solutions to real problems. However, our MIS program is not meant for the training of advanced programming skills or elegant reformation to mathematical abstractions.

I am disabled. Can I apply?

Yes. CCNY is committed to providing a supportive environment for students with disabilities. More information can be found at the Office for Student Disability Services.

I was not selected for admission. Can I ask the reason and apply again?

Yes. Feel free to contact the program director.

Enrollment to the Program

After admission, can I postpone my enrollment to the program?

Yes, you may defer your enrollment up to two semesters from the term you admitted (i.e., one year). This is possible only if granted by the program administrator. You must re-submit new applications (and fees), and any other supporting documents and be re-evaluated amongst a new pool of applicants, otherwise.

Why is enrollment limited to 35?

This maximum cap may change. It is based on currently available resources at CCNY.

Can I take a leave of absence right after the enrollment to my first term of the program?

No. What would be a compelling reason to leave the program immediately after your registration?

I may not be able to enroll for five consecutive terms. Are there options for students in my situation?

The program has very few imperfect options for a student who needs to skip terms to graduate on time. Speak with the program director.

Can I take more than two courses in one term?

Yes, with the exception of repeating courses as described below.

Course and Project Work

Are all courses offered in evening? Do I need to adjust my daily work schedule?

Yes, all the courses are offered in the evening. The course schedule is available one term ahead for your preparation.

How long does each class last? Is there an intermission? How about lab session?

A regular class lasts two and a half hours. A short intermission (10-15 minutes) is usually set out. Workshops for computer use and systems demonstration may be scheduled in the MIS lab.

Can I waive some of the required courses as I have already taken similar ones at the City College and/or other school(s)?

No. Transfer of credit is not granted. All the subjects tailored for MIS courses are unique and evolving in nature, not intersecting subject matter in other courses.

Can I take computer science graduate courses as I have already taken exactly same MIS courses at other school(s)?

MIS students will only be allowed to register for computer science courses in exceptional circumstances and for no more than two during the time they are registered in MIS program. Moreover, an A- average in MIS and documentation that prerequisites for the computer science courses are met will be required.

What is the advance standing mentioned in the program description?

An extended project or a masters thesis, granted upon the evaluation of your strong academic record.

What would be the consequence of dropping a course?

You must take the course again. You may be able to repeat the course in the second year, or need to defer your graduation one year.

Does the program have incomplete grading policies?

Yes. The exact handling is subject to the specific instructor’s policy.

How many classes can I miss?

Tolerance to missing class depends on the instructor. Keep in mind that missing lecture means a loss of the potential for two-way communication, weakening trust with the instructor.

What should I do if I failed a course?

You must repeat the course. You may continue and retake the failed course the following year if you passed all the other courses with a cumulative B (3.0) GPA.

What are the academic standards to stay in the program?

Our MIS program will institute very high standards. Students must maintain a cumulative B (3.0) GPA. If the GPA drops below 3.0, the student is automatically on probation for the next semester. If the cumulative GPA does not rise above 3.0 by the end of the next semester, the student will be dismissed from the program.

Do I have to come to class for my project work?

No. Development of the Project in Information System Management can be done without regularly coming to school. Follow all the instructions issued by your project mentor.

My specialization does not match with any of those currently offered in the program. What can I do?

You must be able to find one from a variety of specializations currently not listed in the program. Visit this site later or speak with the program director about your preferred specialization.

Can I propose a project which is directly related to my job?

Yes, you can submit a proposal of your own work to the program director. If approved, an appropriate mentor will be found for you to work with.

Can the project be done in a team?


Is there any project that does not require system development or programming?


Does the program impose a minimum GPA for graduation?

Yes, 3.0 in compliance with schoolwide academic standards.

What if I have to leave the program before I am through?

The MIS program does not grant a leave of absence. Should you decide to leave, you must withdraw from the program completely and re-apply at a later time.

Study Environment

Can I install software systems used in the course on my own machine in order to work at home?

Yes. 24-hour remote access to the systems is also available.

Where are the labs located? What equipment is available? What are the lab open-hours?

The MIS program lab is located at NAC 7/105. MIS students can also use Computer Science labs located at NAC 7/107 and NAC 7/118. These labs have high-end workstations and printing equipment. The MIS lab is open until 9:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 5:00 PM on Friday with the presence of a lab assistant.

Are the libraries open late at night?

Yes. Refer to CCNY Libraries and Hours.

Financial Matters

How much will it cost to finish the program?

Tuition and fees are $8100 for state residents. Including additional mandatory expenses such as activity fees, semester fees, and textbook purchases, overall cost (without living and transportation cost) would likely be less than $10000.

Is financial aid available?

Graduate study at CCNY is supported by a combination of student fees, state funds, private and foundation contributions, and federal research grants. Exact information is found at the Financial Aid Office.

Do you have paid project work?

Yes. Details on the qualification are posted every semester.


How do I reach City College? Can I drive there?

See Directions to the City College Campus. By train: (1) IRT #1 or #9 local to 137th Street and Broadway; walk up 138th Street three blocks to Convent Avenue, (2) IND “A” or “D” express, or the “B” or “C” local to 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, walk west one block to 145th Street and Convent Avenue, then south to 138th Street, (3) RT #4 or #5 express or #6 local to 125th Street and Lexington Avenue, change there for the M-100 or M-101 bus to Amsterdam Avenue and 138th Street, walk east one block to Convent Avenue, (4) Metro North to 125th Street and Park Avenue, change there for the M-100 or M-101 bus to Amsterdam Avenue and 138th Street, walk east one block to Convent Avenue. City College operates shuttle buses between the campus and the 137th Street (Broadway) and 145th Street (St. Nicholas) subway stations. Due to the general difficulty in parking, driving to college is strongly discouraged.

Is the cafeteria open late at night?

Yes, the student cafeteria is usually open until 8:30 PM (Friday and Saturday until early afternoon). Exact information can be found at Cafeteria and Food Services.

Can I eat in the classroom during lectures?

No, unless you have permission from instructor. Use the cafeteria’s facilities please.

Does CCNY offer housing?

See Towers at CCNY.

Does CCNY provide child care and education services on site?

Yes. See Child Development Center for the enrollment requirements and available operation hours.

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