Still Accept Applications

We still accept applications!

We still accept applications!

Professional degree seekers can still file MIS applications. Join our MIS program with your ambitions and take full advantage of this unique program!

All the applications arrived are being processed now.

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  1. N says:

    Have applications closed for fall 2010?

  2. nisha says:

    im a grauate student from computer science department i want to change my program from computer science to information science ,i want to know whether for a full time student is it possible to do that.

    • MIS program and MCS program are different in their administrations, admission criteria, and program structures.

      Our current policy requires “readmission” for the change of your program from MCS to MIS (see FAQ). You need to apply MIS from scratch. No credit transfer from MCS will be allowed.

  3. Kevin says:

    I have a bachelor in Industrial and Systems Engineer, my GPA is 2.70. Can I apply and still be considered for the program? Or the 2.75 GPA is a must?

    • In the past, department admitted a small number of applicants with GPAs slightly less than 2.75 like your case. These people were observed to have relatively strong academic achievements in math and science courses.

      Hope you are in the same category!

  4. Nadim Ahmed says:

    I want to start MIS but it will start from Fall 2011 is there any way i can take the MIS courses as non-degree student?

    • MIS program is only open to matriculated students who went through successful admissions processes. There is no exception to this rule right now. Please apply for Fall 2011 round.

  5. Nahmed says:

    One more thing i noticed that the classes schedules are Monday and Thursday. If the MIS department schedule the classes at same day like afternoon and evening that would be more easier for the professional people to attend. I want to request to MIS department at please arrange at least two courses class at the same day so that student can take 3 courses(9 cr/hrs) in one semester.

    • That option is possible only if agreed by students unanimously. All students must take one day off from their workplaces, say Monday as your proposal. In reality we have yet to win this kind of flexibility.

  6. Nahmed says:

    MIS department should add more courses in the curriculam sothat student could choose the courses based on current job market. Hope department will do that in future and will make the schedule more felxible.

  7. Nahmed says:

    Is there anyway student can classes as non-degree student in Spring 2011?

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