Project Showcase

Project Objectives


An independent project in the fifth semester is the final stage of the MIS program. The project will focus on real-world systems in your chosen area of specialization.

Students will be required to gain hands-on experience applying a major computer-based information system to a real-world problem, and to prepare a report based on their experience detailing the features, applications and limitations of the solution they devise.

MIS faculty members are actively engaged in research collaborations with colleagues from other disciplines. Much of this work is carried out in research centers or through independent sources of research funding. Cutting edge projects generate applications to meet the needs of industry, commerce, and the Internet. Student involvement in research work plays an important role in shaping the future of the MIS program.

Project Selection

A list of available projects will be prepared by the end of November. Each project defines high-level theme and content as well as the basic requirements to accomplish the goal. Some projects may be carried out in teams. Project themes can be adjusted for any specific and reasonable problem a student wishes to address, in which case the student needs to consult with their project supervisor to establish mutual agreement and collaboration.

Sample Projects


Project 1

Specialization: Business Process Management
Project Theme: Advanced project management with Monte Carlo simulations:
This project implements a web-capable project management database system. The envisioned system supports the Monte Carlo simulation technique for cost and risk analysis as well as budget profiling. The system facilitates project analysis through the developed visual presentation.

Supervisor: Prof. Kawaguchi
Group Work: Up to 2 students
Skills: Web scripting, Database manipulation

Project 2

Specialization: Medical Informatics
Project Theme: Establishing community support for disabled bus riders:
This project implements one type of information system for the NYC Bus Transit Service. The envisioned system integrates map drawing and information retrieval capabilities to provide flexible transportation services for people in wheel chairs. Data service entails the enhancement of the community support for those disabled people.

Supervisor: Prof. Kawaguchi
Group Work: Up to 2 teams; Up to 2 students per team
Skills: Web scripting, Database manipulation

Project 3

Specialization: Business Process Management
Project Theme: Assessing performance of a virtual team in an organization:
This project calls for identifying the abstract requirements and concrete satisfiers of the virtual team, determining the assignment procedure and the criteria used to make assignments, analyzing the mechanisms used to insure cooperation among the participants in the virtual team, and assessing the overall effectiveness of the virtual team by comparing and contrasting it with conventional team organization.

Supervisor: Prof. Mowshowitz
Group Work: Up to 3 students
Skills: Elementary statistics, Literature searching, Interviewing

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