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Spring 2011

Course ID Course Name Code# Pre/Corequisite Day & Time Room Instructor
First Year
MIS G3010 General Economics and Finance 2824 N/A Monday 18:50 NAC6110 Dr. Jonatan Jelen
MIS G2020 Database Management 2825 N/A Tuesday 18:50 NAC5142 Prof. Kawaguchi
Second Year
MIS G5010 Seminar in Information Systems Management 2823 MIS G5020 Monday 18:50 SH276 Prof. Mowshowitz
MIS G5020 Project in Information Systems Management MIS G5010 Thursday 18:50 NAC7105 (MIS Lab) Mr. Hernandez & Prof. Gertner

† Each class lasts two and a half hours. ‡ Please see the last minute class room change posted in front of the computer science.

MIS G2020: Database Management

Course ID: MIS G2020
Course Name: Database Management
This course is concerned with the use of Database Management Systems (DBMS) to solve a wide range of information storage, management and retrieval problems, in organizations ranging from large corporations to personal applications, such as research data management. The course combines the practical aspects of DBMS use with more theoretical discussions of database design methodologies and the “internals” of database systems. The course will give the student a basic overview of Relational Database Systems and Relational Database Design. The student will acquire a working knowledge of Microsoft ACCESS and the ISO standard SQL language. Students will work individually on a series of small projects, and one larger project encompassing all phases of database design and implementation.

Term: Spring
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

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