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MIS G5010: Seminar in Information Systems Management

Course ID: MIS G5010
Course Name: Seminar in Information Systems Management
Presents an in-depth look at an area of specialization such as medical informatics, financial computing, or business process engineering. Lectures and class discussion will be coordinated with and support the project course (MIS G5020) taken at the same time.

Term: Spring
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: MIS G5020

MIS G4010: System Analysis and Design

Course ID: MIS G4010
Course Name: System Analysis and Design
The objective of this course is to introduce methods to efficiently organize and manage software projects. This course could be considered as an advanced software engineering class; tools used will include Rhapsody (i_logix) and Rational (IBM). Topics to be covered include:

  • software development life cycle
  • specification
  • analysis
  • design
  • implementation and testing
  • modular top-down analysis
  • design and testing
  • CASE tools for system analysis and design
  • data modeling and processing modeling tools (data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams)
  • traditional and prototyping approaches
  • design and development of relational database systems
  • I/O design, input validation and user interface design (GUI)
  • project management tools and source code control systems (SCCS)
  • required communication skills for the systems analyst
  • fact finding and interviewing techniques

Term: Fall
Credits: 3.0
Pre/Co-requisite: none

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