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Fall 2010 Term Begins!

Fall 2010 term begins!

Fall 2010 term begins!

Warm welcome to the MIS program! Class schedule for incoming students and returning students is found here. Please find the last minute class room change posted in front of the computer science department. Orientation is planned before the regular class. Fall 2010’s school-wide academic calendar is here. Please plan ahead for the term.

Wishing your productive semester ahead!

Fall 2010 Registration


Registration is required for every incoming student to enroll MIS program. A meeting will be held individually at the Computer Science Department NAC8/206 during 16:00-17:00 hours of August 18 (Wednesday) and 25 (Wednesday).

School does not permit late registration. Please plan ahead for this event or contact the MIS program director (email or phone) for any problem of your time arrangement. The first year orientation will be held just before Tuesday 8/31’s class. Look forward to seeing you all then.

Fall 2010

Course ID Course Name Code# Prerequisite Day & Time Room Instructor
First Year
MIS G1010 Statistics and Decision Making 2733 N/A Monday 18:50 NAC8/207 Prof. Mowshowitz
MIS G2010 OOD and Software Engineering 2975 N/A Tuesday 18:50 NAC6/115 Prof. Kawaguchi
Second Year
MIS G3030 Organization and Management 3520 N/A Monday 18:50 HR13 Dr. Jonatan Jelen
MIS G4010 System Analysis and Design 3521 N/A Thursday 18:50 NAC5/148 Mr. Hernandez & Prof. Gertner

† Each class lasts two and a half hours. ‡ Please see the last minute class room change posted in front of the computer science.

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