GREGORY SOTO CCNY’s MIS program was a perfect complement to my professional technical background. The structure and focus of the program helped me refine my future life goals and introduced me to management-oriented topics that have opened up doors for my career. Gregory Soto - Class of 2011

JUAN PEGUERO The City College MIS program equipped me with a foundation for my successful career in information management. As a Revenue Cycle Analyst for one of the top Hospitals in the Greater New York Area, I am not only able to apply the theoretical knowledge learned during this program, but the empirical knowledge as well. I am truly grateful for this program, for preparing me with business core background of organizational behavior, operational management, and finance/accounting which have paid dividends in my duties as Revenue Cycle Analyst. Juan Peguero - Class of 2011

ODOAREN OLIVARES Getting my MIS degree from CCNY, aside from giving me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, it also has given me the confidence of taking on additional job responsibilities in my area of work, which in turn has translated to an increase in my income (over 30%). I feel it gave me the additional set of tools I needed to complement and improve on my skill-set. Odoaren Olivares - Class of 2011

SHI LI-MAY LI In the MIS program at City College, I learned IT informatics through the collaboration of various projects with fellow colleagues and professors. With this knowledge and experience, I was able to receive a teaching position. Because of this rewarding experience, I want to sincerely thank the director and faculty of the MIS program at City College. Shi Li-May Li - Class of 2013

RODLEY FERGUSON The MIS program provided me with technical information systems skills in database management, software applications development and network security, which are useful for my everyday duties as a “Computer Systems Manager.” The MIS program gave me the training to understand economic management and workplace psychology that would ensure growth of the business as well as impoving the quality of life for the employees whom I supervise. The program provided me with a solid core to go into many directions in the field of information technology: enhancing my knowledge and expanding my skills in computer programming and management! Rodley Ferguson - Class of 2013

DARREN SWINSON This was my greatest achievement to be the first in my family to graduate from City College MIS program with a Master’s degree. With the help of the MIS program I have gone through diligent studies and welcomed every opportunity and challenge to broaden my knowledge, to sharpen my skills, and to enhance my confidence that comes my way even in the midst of many trials and tribulations at work but only true great souls graduate from the school of conflict, never from the school of convenience.
Darren Swinson - Class of 2014

ERIC KOYAMA The MIS graduate program at CCNY has empowered me with the knowledge and skill set that are ever in demand in today’s data-driven information age. Through this program, I’ve gained invaluable new insights into the technological aspects of an organization. As a data analyst, this program has enabled me to think critically in terms of information and project management, and has prepared me for any challenges that I may come across in my career. Eric Koyama - Class of 2014

JEEVA GEORGE The MIS program at CCNY helped me to enhance my skills on the latest technologies in Software Engineering, Database Design, System analysis and design. The business curriculum enhanced my understanding of various functional areas within an organization and how MIS affects them. The management and technical skills I learned equipped me to take on various roles in my career in IT. Jeeva George - Class of 2014

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